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About Us.

Founder of Phillips Hardwood Resources, Dewey Phillips is well known in the wood flooring industry as knowledgeable, creative and having a sincere desire to help each and every customer find the perfect wood for their particular needs. With over 15 years experience in the hardwood industry as a buyer, customer service expert and a certified hardwood flooring inspector he brings a wide range of knowledge to the customer. He has aligned himself with the best suppliers from around the world to locate and source the right product at the very best prices! He brings a broad knowledge of interior design as well as construction means and methods. His experience ranges from modest homes to big-scale overhaul projects and commercial applications.

Here at Phillips Hardwood Resources our goal is to work closely with our clients to determine and create an environment that is a reflection of their needs – whether it is a single room or an entire home. We believe in open communication as a key to achieving your desired results. And we pride ourselves on meeting budget and scheduling requirements.