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Gastonia NC.

No other flooring offers the warmth, beauty, and value of wood.  Wood flooring will enhance the décor of your Gastonia, NC home. It is sure to provide timeless beauty that will increase the value throughout the years. If you are looking for reclaimed Heart Pine, Oak, or Walnut Hardwood in the Gastonia area, we have you covered. All species are available in solid ¾” material as well engineered for floating and glue down applications.

Phillips Hardwood Resources specializes in custom installed and finished hardwood flooring in the Gastonia, NC area. We have many species of wood flooring available, from basic Red & White Oak, Walnut, Cherry, and Maple, to exotic imports such as Cumaru, Tigerwood, Brazilian Cherry, and Masaranduba. We also offer pre-finished floors and radiant heat compatible flooring in Gastonia.

Custom Hardwood Flooring in The Gastonia NC Area

We believe open communication is a key to achieving your desired results and the perfect hardwood floor. And we pride ourselves on meeting budget and scheduling requirements on every project.  We are proud to be the leading custom hardwood flooring provider in the Gastonia, NC area. At Phillips Hardwood Resources, our goal is to work closely with our clients to determine and create an environment that is a reflection of their needs and deliver impressive results.

We will observe your Gastonia location for environmental conditions that can and will impact your job! Our services include – sourcing the perfect product at a fair price, NWFA approved installation, dust containment, sanding & finishing, custom inlays & medallions, color & finish consultations, job site inspection to help prevent problems before they occur, take-offs from your blueprints, selection and specification of flooring and much more.

Contact Us today if you are located in the Gastonia NC area and are interested in enjoying the warmth & beauty of real hardwood floors in your home!