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Wood Species

No matter what your lifestyle, there’s a wood flooring option to meet your home’s décor and your budget. Today, wood floors come in a variety of colors, styles and price ranges. Choosing the right floor for you is simply a matter of deciding which look you like best.

Is a sleek, contemporary décor your style? Think about light colored woods such as ash and maple.

Do you like things more warm and casual looking? Medium colored woods like hickory and oak may be just the thing you’re looking for.

Going for a more-formal atmosphere? Consider stately dark colored woods like mahogany and walnut.

For something totally unique, look at exotic species, which can run the gamut of colors.

Bubinga can appear pink, red, or reddish brown with purple streaks or veins.

Australian Cypress ranges from cream-colored sapwood to honey-gold heartwood, with dark brown knots holes throughout. Santos Mahogany is a dark reddish brown.

Purpleheart has a brown heartwood that will age to a deep purple or purplish brown.

Burmese Teak varies from a yellowish brown to a dark golden brown.

For a totally unique look, Wenge will age to a very deep brown, almost black, color.

With more than 50 wood species available on the market today, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.