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Red & White Oak Flooring.

Oak flooring is a very popular option when it comes to hardwood flooring in today’s market. Oak flooring is manufactured right here in North America which makes it readily available and rather affordable. There are 2 primary species of oak wood – red oak and white oak flooring. In addition to the obvious color difference, there are some other slight differences in white & red oak flooring such as grain pattern & density.


White oak heartwood is pale brown in color and may have a pinkish or slightly silver/gray cast. Sapwood is light cream to white with low color variation. The grain is open with rays longer than that found in red oak with occasional swirls, burls and tight knots. White oak is slightly softer than the median and rates 1210 on the Janka hardness scale.

Red Oak is a general term used for more than 200 subspecies common to North America, differentiated by color variation. There is little difference in color between sapwood and heartwood. The wood is light in color and reddish in tone. The grain is open and coarse with a tight grain pattern. Quarter sawn lumber can have a flake pattern, also known as butterflies of tiger rays. Northern Red Oak scores a 1290 on the Janka hardness scale and is the benchmark average rating. Southern red oak is slightly softer, scoring 1060 on the Janka scale.