Subfloor Conditions

Today, there are a lot of curing and sealing materials and moisture mitigating products being
specified that may trap internal subfloor moisture in the concrete but prevent the successful
installation of flooring materials. All hardwood flooring manufacturers warn against using curing
compounds as they prevent proper adhesion for glue down flooring.

Jobsite Conditions

The area to receive flooring material should be clean, dry and conditioned, prior to and after
installation and free of encumbering conditions prior to installation. The flooring installation
work space should be free of other trades during the installation and kept so after the installation
as necessary, for at least 24 hours.

The temperature of the installation site, flooring materials, and associated products should be
maintained between a minimum temperature of 65°F and a maximum temperature of 95°F for

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hours before, during and after installation. The installation should not be started if the room or
subfloor temperature is below 65°F. The HVAC system should be up and running. Unfortunately,
in today’s world it is rare that we see correct temperatures and the HVAC system in operation.
Having the HVAC up and running beforehand starts the drying out process of the jobsite and
allows the subfloor to dry out and move prior to installing the flooring. Remember, this is
flooring. Most products will grow when warm and shrink when cold.

Adhesives and patching compounds will not function properly when applied over an extremely
cold surface. The cold temperatures retard the drying and curing process of these products.
Relative humidity should not exceed 85%. Maintain these conditions after installation. If the
space is comfortable for people it should be comfortable for the flooring.
On large commercial projects, by the time the project gets to the flooring installation it’s often
behind and the flooring guys are charged with making up the difference and working under
extreme conditions.

Expecting the flooring material to be installed without damage while other trades are working in
the same space is ridiculous. On any hardwood flooring project, residential or commercial, the same rules
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