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Why Choose Us?.

Why Use JP Hardwood Resources?

With so many hardwood flooring companies around, finding the best company can be a tough decision. How can you tell the difference between them all? Our standards of workmanship, integrity, and knowledge are unsurpassed.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our number one priority and that has served us well. Most of our business is generated the old fashioned way through customer referrals and repeat business. We pride ourselves on the personal relationship that we have with our clients. From your starter home. to your retirement condo, find-bride review and every house in between, we are YOUR wood flooring contractor.

Hardwood Flooring Is What We Do

A lot of flooring companies deal in all types of floor coverings, with wood flooring being only one of a multitude of products offered. By concentrating on wood flooring exclusively, we ARE the wood flooring experts.

Dust Containment System

The amount of dust created during a flooring job is probably one of the biggest concerns of our customers. You’ve probably been more than a little worried about this when making the decision to refinish your floors. This was a huge problem that had plagued our industry for decades. By now offering our virtually dust free sanding process, those days are now over. We consider the health of our workers and the cleanliness of your home priceless.

There Are No Hidden or Extra Charges

Our quotes include everything necessary to complete your flooring project, no if’s, and’s, or but’s. Our experience allows us to stand behind our quotes, with no “extra” fees.

We Show up on Time

Many contractors have the terrible reputation of being late and not seeming to care about it. We understand that your time is at a premium, which is why we stress punctuality as one of our highest priorities. From your estimate, to the completion of your project, we are there and on time.

We are Fully Insured

We have full Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. While we never foresee any problems, should an accident occur, your valuable property is protected. (Any time you have workers in your home or business, protect yourself and make sure that they are covered by their own insurance policies.)